How To Fix Failed Camera On Your Motorola Moto Z And Moto Z Force?

Android is an amazing OS, but sadly, it can develop its own issues at any point in time, especially when its getting old. As you use it on a daily basis, you can run into bugs and other problems that can affect it negatively. These problems include Bluetooth issues, music playback troubles or a poor battery life.

For Motorola’s Moto Z and Moto Z Force owners, you will need to know how to rectify problems with your phone’s camera.

As we know, the Moto Z comes with beautiful features a few other smartphones can rival. However, some owners have shared their difficulties with making use of its camera, especially when they need to take pictures with their friends and loved ones. If you are battling the same issue, below are some instructions you can adhere to if you wish to fix it.

1. Reboot The Phone

It might seem like a cliche but it works. Whenever there is an issue with your smartphone, this should always be the first thing to do. When a phone is rebooted, your RAM will be cleared, and a fumbling application can begin to function normally again. So if your phone is ever having troubles with its use or connectivity, rebooting it is a potential solution.

Even if you can regularly make use of the reboot function added to your Moto Z to assist with your camera issues, you need to fully switch off the device. After the device is switched off, hold the power button to switch it on again. In a few cases, this can be the fix you desire to get your camera to how it should be. But if it fixed nothing, clearing the cache is necessary.


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2. Clear The Cache

Simply adhere to the instructions below to get rid of your cache inside Settings.

  1. Power on your Moto Z or Moto Z Force smartphone.
  2. Head to home screen and choose the app icon.
  3. Then choose “Settings.”
  4. Locate Application Manager.
  5. View All Tabs by scrolling left or right.
  6. Choose Bluetooth.
  7.  Force-stop the app.
  8. Now get rid of the cache.
  9. Choose clear the Bluetooth data.
  10.  Choose OK from the options menu.
  11. Then restart your Moto Z or Moto Z Force device.

3. Clear Your Cache Partition

Clearing your phone’s cache partition can also help you in a situation like this. The process to get this is done is quite technical though. If you have never wiped your device’s cache partition, be very careful with it and adhere to the instructions below. Clearing the cache partition of your device will not get rid of any user data or apps. Rather, your cache partition will hold all temporary data stored by the app and software on your device, letting your device load applications quicker. Sadly, this info can sometimes result in issues with your device if anything goes south with your cache. Wiping the cache partition will rectify all little problems with the way you use your phone or how it connects to other devices.

Begin by turning the device off. As soon as the phone is off, press and hold Volume Down and the Power Button. Immediately the words “Recovery Booting” is visible at the top of the screen, you are free to release your hands. A blue screen that reads “Installing System Update” will show for about 30 seconds, the screen will then let you know that system update has failed. This should not bother you because you are still on track. Allow the device to sit for more seconds, and the screen will switch to a black background alongside a yellow, blue and white text on it. At the top of your display, “Android Recovery” will be visible, you have successfully booted into recovery mode in Android. Making use of the volume keys, you will be able to move your selector up and down, scroll down to “Wipe Cache Partition” on the menu.

When “Wipe Cache Partition” have been highlighted, press the Power key to choose the option, then make use of the Volume keys to select “Yes” and the Power key again for confirmation. Your device will start to wipe the cache partition, but it will use up a few minutes, so be patient. Hold tight as the process goes on. Immediately it is completed, choose “Reboot device now” if it is not already chosen and press your Power key for confirmation. When your device reboots, check your phone to confirm if you have re-established a connection to your Bluetooth devices.

If it does not fix it for you, the dreaded factory reset will be required as the last resort.


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4. Factory Reset Your Motorola Moto Z And Moto Z Force

Like with almost every troubleshooting, the last step to rectifying your phone requires a complete factory data reset. Even if this is seen as the last resort, it is still a rampant way to rectify software problems on your Moto Z.

Before totally resetting your phone, though, you will need to back your device up to the cloud, with any backup server you want to use.

Immediately your files are backed up, head to settings and choose “Backup and Reset” under “Personal” in the standard settings menu and under “General management” on the layout. But for this camera problem, click the 3rd reset option, “Factory data reset.” This reveals a menu that displays all the accounts you have logged into on your mobile device, plus a caveat that everything on your smartphone will be gone.

When you have confirmed that your phone is charging or fully charged, choose “Reset phone” way down on your screen and type in your PIN or password for you to be verified. When that is done, your device will start to reset. Let the phone be so it can wrap up the process. Do not tamper with it during this time. As soon as reset is done, after 30 minutes or less, you will get booted to the Android setup screen. It has to end the camera issue.

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