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How To Fix Google Pixel Battery Life Problems

We Will be showing you how you can fix your Google pixel battery life problems in this piece.

The Google Pixel and Pixel 2 have a 2770mah and a 2700mah battery capacity respectively while the Google Pixel XL and 2 XL have 3450mah and 3520mah respectively. While the Pixel and pixel 2 will struggle to get you through a day’s use on moderate usage, the pixel XL and 2 XL should comfortably get you through a day on average usage also. If that isn’t the case with your device and you hardly get a full day’s use, then there must be a problem.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to fix or rather improve the battery life of your Google device.

Ways To Fix Google Pixel Battery Life Problems

Google Pixel Battery Life Problems

You’re using a Google device which means that you are using stock Android; a clean version of Android, free from customizations, modifications, and bloatware. However, others apps will have to be installed by you based on your preference. These Downloaded apps take up storage space, RAM (If they are running in the background) and way too much battery juice than we realize. So first things first, take a closer look at your battery consumption.

Check Battery Hungry Apps

This should be your first course of action when you notice an abnormal decrease in the battery over time. You’ll first have to charge your device till it gets to about 95% or above and use it for a considerable amount of time (till like 40% or below). After that, Head straight to Settings >> Battery >> Check the “Use till full charge” section. This is where you will see apps draining the battery. Apps Screen, OS, etc. are normal, but when you see any app(s) you don’t use too often then you’ve found the culprit.

Proceed to delete the app(s) and check your battery performance over the next few days; it Should improve. However, if it doesn’t or you didn’t find any abnormal app then you can try out the next step.

Turn On Battery Optimization

Turning on the battery optimization feature on your phone can also help you fix your Google Pixel battery life problems. This feature on your google pixel phone learn which apps you use overtime and when you use it so as forcefully shut down the apps when not in use or apps you don’t use often. However, some apps(Like Gmail, WhatsApp, etc.) can’t be optimized because it will interfere with or delay the notifications from those apps.

To see the list of the optimized apps after turning it on, then go to Settings >> Battery >> Navigate to the “Not optimized” List. You can also add apps you want to optimize to the list by tapping on the app and switching it to optimize. This should help fix your google pixel phone battery life problems.

Other Tips To Fix Google Pixel Battery Life

Turn On Battery Saver Mode – This battery saver mode is like optimizing all the apps on your device at once. Doing this will considerably increase your battery life. However, it comes at a price. Once the battery saver is turned on, all apps running in the background will be put on hold unless you open them. This means that you won’t get emails from your Gmail app, messages from WhatsApp or notifications and messages from Instagram, etc. A drastic measure right? I know, but it gets the job done.

Get a Power Bank – There is a saying that goes thus “If you can’t fix it, find a way to cope with it.” If you still need more juice to keep your phone Charged up, then you’ll have to make do with a Power Bank. Power banks are a nice and very inexpensive power solution which makes it a perfect fit for your google pixel battery life problems. You can get a 10000mah Power Bank or a power bank with a much lower capacity depending how much juice you want and how much you’ve got to spare.


Hopefully, your battery should be lasting longer than it did before after following the steps above. If the battery life of your Google pixel doesn’t improve then it might be because of a faulty battery, and I can’t help you fix that, only a phone technician can.

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