How to format your phone [Android hard reset]

If you intend to sell or give away the phone, we already know that the first thing to do is remove all the data from the memory , both those on the external microSD, if there is one, and those on the internal memory, and then prevent the future user of the device from accessing the information, thus endangering your privacy. Commonly, this process is known as “formatting” or more precisely Hard reset.

Doing an Android Hard Reset means getting the phone back to its original state, like when it left the factory. Whatever the purpose, one of the consequences of formatting an Android phone is that all information is erased. 

For this reason, I suggest you make a backup of your Android phone, read below:

Often a hard reset is performed when the phone no longer works as it used to be, the main cause could be due to one or more functions, one or more third-party applications, cached game data or any other reason that may cause errors.

In the case of Android phones and tablets, there are several ways to format a mobile phone. In this guide, we have selected two of the most used and effective methods that can be performed when it comes to formatting your phone. [Android hard reset]

Format your phone- the best ways to do it

Hard reset via phone settings

The first procedure we can use to format our mobile phone is integrated directly into the operating system settings. This option has the purpose of deleting all data in the phone’s internal memory, such as mail and user accounts, app and system settings, downloaded applications and games, music, videos and photos

The steps to follow are the following:

  1. Open the system settings and go to the “System” category.
  2. Find the “Backup and system” category and go to “Delete all data”.
  3. Read the instructions carefully and, when everything is clear to you, click on the “Restore phone” button.

During the process, the device will restart several times. Once finished, the internal memory will be completely clean.

Hard reset through recovery – How to format Android phone without losing any data

Formatting Android with a factory reset and hard reset via recovery is a process very similar to the previous process, with the difference that if we have not selected them, user data such as images, videos or photos will not be deleted. To do this, you must follow these steps:

  1. Enter the recovery. The key combination will be different depending on the mobile phone. How to enter Recovery Mode on any Android device
  2. Once inside, look for the “Clear data/factory reset” option. Use the volume keys to move through the menu and the power button to select.
  3. Accept the process and wait for it to finish.

When and why might my cell phone need to be formatted?

For example, if the phone does not work well or you have used it for several years without interruption, the internal memory of the phone may be full of garbage, and this can weigh down and slow down the phone.

It could be useful when changing a firmware for a custom ROM, or if your phone has been infected with malware and viruses. These are all situations where the only way to make the phone work normally is by a hard reset.

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