How To Know If Anyone Muted You On Twitter?

To some, Twitter is an amazing social network with an amazing community, to others, Twitter is a disgrace and an enemy of the internet.

However, Twitter is still regarded as one of our preferred social networks, a mixture of news, comedy, and social communities that make it very unique.

But yet, Twitter makes it simpler to control your content choices on the network. It could be that you are reporting and blocking someone who is harassing you, or signifying that you detest a suggested tweet, Twitter lets users personalize their experience on the platform.

One of the vital ways to go about that is by making use of Twitter’s mute feature, which helps to hide the tweets of anyone online without going extreme and blocking them.

But can you tell the difference between blocking and muting and how can you know if anyone has muted you on Twitter? Keep reading to get the answers you seek.


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How To Know If Someone Has Muted You On Twitter?

Muting a person on Twitter is handy when it comes to getting rid of their stuff from your timeline without blocking them outrightly. It is a reasonable way to improve your Twitter experience without involving yourself in any explanation in the form of a confrontation to the individuals you block.

Muting gets rid of their Tweets from your timeline, but it does not inform the person about what happened. Therefore, to answer your question, no, you cannot know if anyone muted you on Twitter as long as they use no add-ons, and that is by design. It will not make you stay away from drama if it exposes you.

Muting is not the same as unfollowing because it is not blocking. You will still be able to send a muted account a direct message and they can reciprocate, but you will not just be able to view their Tweets in your timeline. It could be seen as unfollowing an account on Facebook even as they remain your friend on the platform.

There will be always be people to avoid on these platforms. They could be excessive, annoying or just unbearable.

However, whoever uses TweetDeck might know how to see muted accounts. To confirm if anyone has muted you in TweetDeck, adhere to these instructions:

  1. Access Tweetdeck and ensure a Home column is created in the main view.
  2. Include whoever you feel has muted you in this view.
  3. Share a Tweet to those following your account and then see if it shows in the Home column.


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How Can I Mute Someone On Twitter?

Muting an account is simple. You only have to open a Tweet and choose the Mute setting. An account can be unmuted rapidly as well.

To mute from a tweet:

  1. Access the Tweet and choose the down arrow icon.
  2. Choose Mute.

To mute from a user profile:

  1. Access the profile page of the individual you intend to mute.
  2. Choose the 3 dot menu icon there.
  3. Choose Mute from the menu.

To unmute an account, you only have to head to the profile once more and choose “speaker” to unmute them. The application differs at times and provide an option that reads, “You have muted Tweets from this account.” Choose Unmute if that is what you see.

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